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    Does using --Synchronous property multiple times for multiple tableau refresh is not suggested

    Debayan Bhattacharjya

      Hi ,

      I wanted to perform some automation refresh as follow one by one through a batch script consists of Tabcmd commands


      1)Refresh all my reports .

      2)Refreshing the report containing archival value.

      3)Download the refreshed reports(step1) to local.

      4)Then archive the refreshed reports with the archived value.

      5)Publish the newly created archived reports in server back.


      The problem here is in case if I am not using --synchronous operator during Step 1 and Step 2.Then its showing report refresh in Queue.But it proceeds to the next steps,which is not what we are looking at.


      But my question is will that be a problem.If say there are 10 reports which will refresh at Step1 with Synchronous operator one by one.Or will be a huge headache if we used that.


      Please Note normally its taking around 5-7 mins to refresh individual reports.


      In case if --synchronous property is a headache or too much for maintainance.What should I do in this case.