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    Create a Dimension of Unique Combination of Values from 2 Dimensions


      I am trying to create a concatenated value of two values that have been combined to have every possible combination/permutation. However, in having the data organized this way i dont end up with unique values because I get 'Value1-Value2' and 'Value2-Value1' which actually represent the same paired combination.


      What i'd like to do is have these values roll up into one. I've been trying to do a table calculation to lookup the previous value and if they are the same then exclude the second one but it hasn't cleanly been working.


      I created a sample workbook with just dimensions but can make a more robust one if necessary. I dont care which combination of the above comes up but I just want one.


      In the sample workbook I used fruit as the example.


      Pair 1 - Apple-Orange

      Pair 2 - Orange-Apple


      they effectively mean the same thing.