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    Hide values in a filter while still reporting on the data related to the hidden filter

    John Murphy

      I know there have been similar questions and I have looked multiple discussion but could not find an answer that works
      with my scenario.










      I have attached a mock up of data that hopefully represents what I am trying to accomplish.   The real data
      is "Survey based responses" which we want to report on based on Employee hierarchies (level of organization/ who reports to whom).


      I need to report on responses but since data is anonymous if there are <= 5 responses for a given supervisor/level
      then we cannot display the data for that supervisor (i.e. would not include that supervisor in that filter) however that data would be included in levels above
      that supervisor as long as the No of respondents when rolled up to next level of manager would have 5 or greater responses.


      I "technically" know how I can do it using worksheets as filters however I will have 8 levels and on my "real data" the lists would be way to long to display as a list for


      The mock up data is not survey data but is employees that rollup to supervisor which mimics survey "responses".


      The dashboard called "Cascade Spv" is here just to show you ideally what the dashboard would look like with Filters (there would be a graph instead of  text tables).

      The dashboard called "Quick Filters"  - I have screen shots below to show what is the problem etc.

      The dashboard called "Use list as filters" is example of what works in theory but I cannot have 8 long lists
      on a dashboard.  If there was a way to convert a list to a dropdown that would solve my issue.




      If I de-select Employee38 the value would change to 25 (which is not what is needed).


      In the The dashboard called "Use list as filters" - I am using lists as filters and I am able to filter the list and remove "Nulls" and responses <5 - via the following calculated


      if [L3 CNT]>=5

      and [L3]<> 'NULL' then 'Y' else 'N'


      Hope this is fairly clear as to what I need to accomplish

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          Zhouyi Zhang

          Hi, John


          Please find my solution below as well as the workbook


          Please let me know if it works for you.



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            John Murphy



            Thank you for your quick response and as you might have feared I have questions (yes new to tableau - please bear with me).


            It appears that your solution works ....but until I can fold it in at all levels.  I will not know for sure.


            1)  Is there a specific order of things when you created the solution?  In other words I have to implement your fix at each level in the hierarchy L2 thru L8

            2) could you explain the purpose of each of the following (what each are doing)::



            filter applied First()==0

            3) There is a filter applied First()==0 -  but I am not sure how you accomplish this as there is no dimension attached to drag to filter or marks section

            4) one idiosyncrasy is that If I deselect from L4 it works as you stated (numbers change for >5) however when you then reselect the item just deselected the resulting calculation changes from 27 to 25.   the only way to get it back to 27 is to deselect ALL and then reselect ALL.    Any thoughts on this ?   When I have to implement at each level - I wonder what impact there will be?


            Thank you again for you response.


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