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    Adding a background image to a pre-existing filled map that has generated latitude and longitude measures. (Or, how to create two overlapping maps)

    Stephen Cranney

      Hi all,


      I am trying to add a background insignia, and possibly some photos and other images, onto a filled world map I have already created.


      There are many guides already about how to add background images in Tableau, but they almost all have to do with either adding points onto a non-geographic image, or adding geographic coordinates onto a map. I suspect the reason mine isn't working is that I am relying on placing inputted latitude and longitude values next to generated latitude and longitude values from a previous dataset that was relying on country names.


      I've followed the steps outlined elsewhere: I upload a CSV file with the latitude and longitude of where I want the icon to go (the Southeast Pacific Ocean, covering about -37 to -27 in latitude and -168 to -168 for longitude).


      However, when I place the latitude and longitude coordinates (in the Sheet 1 (Background) file) next to the generated latitude and longitude coordinates that are already there from the previous country-level data, I get the "relationship needs to be created" warning. Of course, the two datasets aren't connected via a column, but in theory I suppose they could be appended since they both have latitude and longitude columns; however, I'm fuzzy on how I would take this approach since one set of latitude/longitude coordinates are generated and the other ones are inputted.


      Apologies if this has a simple solution I missed, I've been trying to hack this for about five hours and am simply stuck, so any help would be appreciated. File is attached with the two sets of latitude and longitude values. Thanks in advance,