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    Using Relative date as filter while extracting data

    anoosha shetty

      Hi guys  ,


      I have a column called mth (which is of type string) and has values in it like 2017-2, 2017-3... and so on  in my table.

      We have rolling 13months of data in the table  currently. But user wants only rolling 4 months of data to be dashboard .


      So steps I have followed  :-


      1.      I changed the datatype of mth to “date” in tableau .


      2.      And put a relative date filter during extraction  like  -


      Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.04.29 PM.png



      After extracting  . when I check there are no values retrieved . Is there something which I am missing here ? Please help


      I am using tableau 9.2.1 version .