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    Dynamically hide gannt bar for one value of a measure

    Bodhisattva Dasgupta

      I have data which looks like this.


      5-15-2017 7-38-56 PM.jpg


      with this, i have created a gannt which looks like this


      5-15-2017 7-49-48 PM.jpg


      but the issue here is that I do not want the first "Incoming" bar - which starts from 0 all the way up to 10k


      That is, i would like my chart to look like this - and as a result, my axis also gets re-adjusted to start from somewhere close to 9k


      5-15-2017 7-50-17 PM.jpg


      How do i achieve this ?


      Guess some Table Calculation - but unable to crack it !


      UPDATE : manually setting the axis wont work since my data repeats for multiple PRODUCT TYPES. Thus, I would like some Table Calculation to be able to dynamically "hide" the first bar of every PRODUCT TYPE