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    Calculate Customer Retention

    Orsh Bikkes

      Hi Everyone,


      I was tasked at work to create a bar chart that showcases customer retention at our free to attend trade shows.


      They wanted to display three segments:

      New: people who attended the event for the first time in the given year.

      Loyal: People who attended at least 3 years in a row.

      Lapsed: everyone else. even those who attended two years in a row. (I know, don't try to find an explanation...)


      I'm new to Tableau so I got some help with this. We used this thread (customers with purchases in consecutive periods ) to create the consecutive years calculation. Which seems to be correct when we put it in crosstab format but for the life of me I can't make it into a stacked bar chart that shows the different segments on one bar for each year.


      I would really-really appreciate of someone could tell why it doesn't work and more importantly how to make this work?


      Many thanks in advance,