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    Inconsistent date format between 10.2 and 9.3

    Morgan DUARTE

      Hi there,

      I have 1 Excel file with a date string (unformated, like "42843")

      Tableau 9.3.3 (64b) gives me 4/18/2017 (correct) but Tableau 10.2.1 (32b) gives me 4/28/1943 (Incorrect)


      My computer is using US time settings (M/D/Y) and on Excel, if I select the column to set as Date, I got the right date.


      Any idea where the issue?


      I will try a reinstallation of Tableau 10 but I don't get it...


      Thank you


      EDIT: I have uninstall Tableau 10.2.1 to install the latest one (10.2.2 - 17.0505.1445) but still the same issue....

      Thanks for your help

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Tableau changed how it parses dates in version 10.2 to handle a wider variety of date formats when we change the data type to date, there are a few cases where this can break existing data type conversions and this is one of them.


          The workaround is to use DATE([yourDateField]) if the yourDateField is formatted as a number in Excel, if it's formatted as text in Excel then use DATE(INT([yourDateField])).


          I'd also suggest submitting this to Tableau support so they can log it and potentially correct for this problem.



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            Morgan DUARTE

            Thank you Jonathan.


            I understand better the problem now.


            However the DATE function is also inconsistent...


            On the date 43100, Excel gives me 12/31/2017, Tableau gives me 12/30/1899 when using the data type and the calculated field DATE([yourDateField]) gives me 1/2/2018 ....


            I'll submit a ticket.

            Thank you


            EDIT: It seems the calculated field DATE([yourDateField])-2 gives me correct results. But I did only some random check...That will do the time to get the fix