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    Fix y-axis, but dynamically update for bin selected

    Scott Henry



      My goal is to easily view changes from year to year (histogram style) in my bins of age groups. This is easiest if the y-axis is fixed, so when the bars change heights from year to year, the y-axis is consistent, so the user can just compare to the prior height.


      Here's the catch - I have a simple parameter that allows the user to select a bin size (1 year, 5 years, 10 years) for the age groups. If I fix the y-axis, it doesn't update when bins change size, and the bars become extremely short when the bin is more granular (naturally, since you'd have fewer people per smaller bin).


      I need the y-axis fixed when moving between years, but relative to the parameter the user has chosen for the age bin.


      Very rough mock up example attached. I'd want to fix the y-axis at 0 to 1000 in the 1 year age group bin, 0 to 2000 in the 5 year age bin, and 0 to 3000 in the 10 year age bin. So if the user changes the age bin parameter, the upper bound becomes fixed accordingly. The max value for count would be fine too. Just so the y-axis adjusts to bin size, but doesn't change between year filter.


      Is this possible?