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    Tableau server data extract refresh

    Gaurav Gupta

      Hello everyone,


      I had one twbx file uploaded on tableau server. Except one sheet, all sheets were pulling data (extract) from oracle database. One sheet pulled data from excel. when I put entire dashboard on server, and set it on auto refresh, I got an error message. Is there any way to set entire book on auto refresh but not let this excel sheet hinder refresh of other data extract.


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          Glen Robinson

          Hi Guarav

          If you publish one of the data sources separately as a Published Data Source, and connect the Workbook to it, that should resolve your issue.

          (Either the Oracle extract with a refresh schedule, or the Excel Workbook without a schedule.)

          Hope this helps


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            Toby Erkson

            The problem is that the Excel data source is being called the wrong way.  Connections to text/Excel files should be using a UNC path e.g. \\myNetworkDrive\aFolder\maybeSomeMoreFolders\theDataSource.xlsx.  You also need to make sure that the Tableau Server has access to the folder location.  The "Run As User" account of the Tableau Server is what's used by the folder administrator to grant READ access.  Fix this and I bet it will stop failing.


            If your Excel data source is actually on the Tableau Server then do what Glen states but placing data sources on the Tableau Server is a bad idea and you shouldn't be doing that.

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