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    Fixed Columns are shrinking when Filters are used. Any way to prevent this?

    Adam Hoffman

      Hello Tableau Community!


      I've created an interactive dashboard and am running into an issue I can't seem to fix. I’ve based it off the attached example. Everything works as intended except for when users filter to managers with a low count of subordinates.


      To briefly explain,  there are two blank columns using a 0.0 parameter, which house the label and shape you see at the front of the line. A line chart follows, taking up the majority of the overall graph. However, when filtered down, tableau automatically divides the X-Axis between the three sections, shrinking the line graph considerably.


      The attached dashboard runs into the same issue if you filter to a Manager with a low number of investment managers.


      I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t get it to ‘Fix’ the two first columns in place. Any ideas of a way to prevent this from happening? Open to any ideas or solutions.


      It's also important to call out we're still using version 9.3. Our IT department takes their time with releasing new versions of programs unfortunately.


      Thanks in advance for your help!