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    Where can I find technical details about calculated fields?

    Thomas Rones

      I'm trying to understand how calculated fields work. I have searched and searched but can't seem to find anything.


      If using an extract, then I would assume that calculated fields can leverage the TDE, but what about live connections? It seems to me that we would still be able to, columnar storage and the compression/encoding can still work... but if we have a live connection, and calculated fields are not written to the datasource... ....then where are they written to and when? Are they written to a cache the first time they are run and then pulled into memory afterwards?


      I guess I'm also just a little confused on the whole architecture-aware concept. Eventually stuff has to be stored on disk (SSD), because everything from L1 cache all the way up to RAM is volatile.... so when is stuff pulled into RAM and how does tableau know what to pull? Some proprietary Tableau version of Hot/warm/cold data???