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    Generated PDF only shows first 4 columns whereas Tableau report has 6

    Anil Mathews



      I have a requirement to generate PDF from the existing Tableau Report. Was able to do it using the tabcmd commands as below,


                tabcmd get "views/AlarmReport/StateandSeverity.pdf" -f "C:/Tableau PDFs/AlarmReport/sheet1.pdf"

                tabcmd get "views/AlarmReport/AlarmCountList.pdf" -f "C:/Tableau PDFs/AlarmReport/sheet2.pdf"


      However there is a problem. All the views having Graphs, Charts etc are exported fine.

      But if there is a table, the exported PDF only shows the first 4 columns whereas my Tableau Report actually have 6 columns. Also, the TITLE of the table is missing in the PDF.


      Below are the screenshots. Please suggest how to get those missing Columns and the Title. Thank you.


      1. Tableau Report showing 6 columns:



      2. PDF showing only 4 columns. Title is also missing.