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    Parameter and User Security

    Rajesh Agarwal



      I have 14 regions in my database. I need to apply security region wise and then want to show Region as a Filter to choose. My problem is that user does not want 'All' in the filter. They want 'All' to be replaced by 'National'. We want title of the sheet to be dynamic means along with title name, region name should come.


      To achieve this, I created a parameter showing all 14 region names and 1 name as 'National'.

      Then I hooked up this parameter with calculated field and applied region wise security.

      I achieved what I wanted. only thing is that now Parameter control (to be used as a filter) is populating all regions whether user has access to one region or more. If he does not have access to a particular region, then data is not shown but parameter control shows that region.

      We need to restrict parameter values based on user access right.

      Need help.