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    Live dashboard linked to extract SQL not refreshing on open

    Shayne Croke

      I have 3 separate dashboards that calculate and display current uncompleted tasks for 3 different areas within my logistics center.  I created another higher level dashboard for leadership team that shows historical trends for open tasks as well as the current number of uncompleted tasks for the 3 areas mentioned above.


      What I'm doing now is running each sql every 15 minutes.  That means I have 6 sql's (1 for each area dashboard and 3 on the high level dashboard) running every 15 minutes.  The sql for each area dashboard is exactly the same as the one on the high level dashboard.


      Two problems with this approach:

      1.)  The current open task totals on area and historical dashboard don't always match because the sql doesn't finish at exactly the same time

      2.)  It is a waste of server resources to run the same 3 sql's twice every 15 minutes


      I published the sql's as a data source on the server that refresh every 15 minutes and linked all dashboards to those data sources. I set the dashboards to live but the data doesn't refresh automatically when I open the dashboards on the server.  I have to click the refresh button within the dashboard for it to read the new data.  What am I doing wrong?  Any tips?

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Shayne

          In my opinion, using published data sources for this suite of dashboards is absolutely the right approach to take - you're reducing duplication by centralising this.


          I expect the issue you're seeing is due to caching.Have a read here Configure Data Connections and check your server settings.  The only issue is this is a 'global' server setting, so you can't set these dashboards to 'not use cache' without affecting everything else on the server.


          Alternatively, depending on how your dashboards get accessed by the users, you could add the ?:refresh=yes to the url which will force the page to load fresh data.  This won't work though if you're reliant on users just navigating to your dashboard via the server UI itself.  If you can control how they access the dashboard (eg via a link on a custom portal or similar then you can change the url).