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    Saving options with the different versions (Tableau Desktop)

    Otto Stahl

      Good day,


      There's a good chance that my company is going to purchase one of the subscriptions, but what each version does is a bit unclear on the pricing and other pages.


      The current need is for 1 user to create reports and for the others to read them (via Tableau Reader).

      The data has to stay private (not published for all to peruse), but every aspect of every calculation doesn't need to happen locally.


      As far as I can tell, Tableau Desktop (the 35$/mo subscription) should suffice and according to the information I've been able to discern, it should be possible to save the workbooks, visualizations and dashboards locally. The problem is that the information on forums is really spread out and conflicting at times suggesting you need more than just Tableau Desktop to do what I described above so at this point I'm slightly confused if I'll be getting the "Go ahead" for the 35$/mo sub and then have to follow it up with "Oops hehe, need to drop another 200$/mo!"...?


      Tl;dr, can you save local workbooks, visualizations and/or dashboards (that don't get uploaded for public consumption) with the '35$/mo sub' of Tableau Desktop?