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    Thomas Rones

      Any plans for usergroup meetups?

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          Johanna Knapp

          Hi Thomas,

          would you like to organize this together with me? Let me know and we can discuss

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            Thomas Rones


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              Johanna Knapp

              I'll get in touch with you next week!

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                Thomas Rones

                Ok sounds good!

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                  Alex Waleczek

                  I'll be in Germany in the next couple of weeks. Anything planned yet?

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                    Johanna Knapp

                    Hey Thomas and Alex, if you tell me a specific date when you want the meeting to happen I can set up the Tableau Office in Frankfurt as a location and arrange for emailed invitation to our Frankfurt based customers. Just need a confirmation that one of you will attend and present something

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                      Thomas Rones

                      The question is what would they like to see. Could you possibly send out a feeler email to find out what people would like to learn about, what they are struggling with, how much experience they have, etc?


                      I can always come up with ideas, but it's unlikely that it'll be anything new i.e. Info could be found on tclive, googling, blogs, or kb articles.... since that is probably where I learned it in the first place.


                      I just think it would be cool to have a group of people who meet regularly, so we can learn from and help each other.


                      Oh.. und ich kann nur pr?sentieren in Englisch.




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                        Alex Waleczek



                        I could do Thursday 24th, Monday 28th, Monday 11th of Sept.

                        Might be able to do some other dates here and there but around those dates I would be around Frankfurt anyway.


                        I have a talk about "Hacking Tableau" which I could present. We usually cover more general "That's what I am doing with Tableau" topics in our user groups rather than teaching/learning sessions. From experience people seem to be more interested in what other people actually do. I assume that's because they can get help/training from their consultants or the online community anyway.


                        Oh and while I do speak German, I never used or talked about Tableau in another language than English

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                          Johanna Knapp

                          Hey guys, thanks for your timely feedback. I will set up an email invitation and or landing page for people to register for the 24th or 28th Aug, will let you know as soon as possible. If both of you can make it that would be awesome