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    Setting locale on behalf of a user

    Jeff Strauss


      Our external clients that live in Europe have a need to update their user locale, but they don't have access to our internal Tableau Server.  Rather they are accessing their dashboards via a portal / Javascript API / reverse proxy.  And there are no REST API or JS API or tabcmd functions to be found to update the locale as part of account management



      Workaround - neat little trick...

      Me as server admin has the ability to login as myself and go to my account settings.


      Then, I can override the URL to refer to the user I want to update the locale for.




      Problem (seeking a more long term solution)...

      I don't want to be the middle-man as part of account management setup in order to override the locale.  And I don't really want to give account management server admin rights.  We tried with site admin and it does not allow the override.