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    Calculated row creation

    Colby McNichols

      I'm not sure if the title of this discussion is correct, but it's the best I could come up with.


      Basically I was asked to create a dashboard that would show different options the business can go with based off a user input parameter.

      So what I need is the ability to create a few rows of data points based off a parameter.

      Example will probably clear this up...


      User enters 2000 in a parameter box. I need to have a table show 5 rows with the values of 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3000 in a column.

      From there I can use the values in the column to do calculations with.


      DeductibleCustomer Count
      1000 (parameter - 1000)123
      1500 (parameter - 500)6546
      2000 (this would be from the user input parameter)6546
      2500 (parameter + 500)145
      3000 (parameter + 1000)978




      * Added attached .twbx Created in Tableau 10.1.4

      * In the attached example, would like to have 2 rows above at 400 and 300, as well as 2 rows below at 600 and 700.

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          Sherzodbek Ibragimov

          Colby, would be able to post your sample?

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            Lisa Li

            Hello Colby,


            You can use a calculation similar to below:

            if [Minimum DWP] = [DWP] or [Minimum DWP] +100 = [DWP] or [Minimum DWP] +200 = [DWP]

                 or [Minimum DWP] -100 = [DWP] or [Minimum DWP] -200 = [DWP] then [DWP]



            Based on the twbx file you shared, [Minimum DWP] the parameter is the graphed [Min DWP] field so every row of data has [Min DWP] = 500. Is there a field in the data you can use in the calculated field above that represents deductible (DWP)?



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              Colby McNichols

              Sorry should have been more clear.


              So with the twbx file I gave, my desired table I would like to show would be this when 300 is entered in the Minimum DWP parameter...


              Lob Jfmin dwpNumber of RecordsCount BelowCount Above




              When you change the Minimum DWP parameter to 600, the table would look like this...


              Lob Jfmin dwpNumber of RecordsCount BelowCount Above





              I obviously have the count calculations working, but I can't get the generated +/- rows to generate. Not even sure if this is possible.