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    How do I only include certain data in the 'grand totals' column?

    Jordan Daley

      I currently work at an ad agency, and we only include some totals into the official 'grand totals' column. I just got here, but before I did they hardwired it manually into an excel cell. Is there any way to only sum a few different numbers at a time (an exclude some) in the Data Analysis Grand Total Row?





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          Joe Oppelt

          Not in the Analysis grand total row.


          But you can make your own grand total calc.


          SOME times you can even force your calc value into the grand total cell, but I always handle it by making a second sheet that dust displays my grand totals (when I want something other than what Analysis does by default) and position the second sheet on a dashboard next to (or below) my actual data sheet, and as far as the user is concerned it all looks like one visualization.


          So here is my recommendation:  Hack up an anonymized version of your workbook.  Strip it down so that we don't have non-essential stuff cluttering things.  I'll work with you to get the grand total you need.


          Check out this video on how to anonymize and pare down your workbook.


          Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing