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    Calculate Score out of Values and combine them

    Alexandros Theodoridis



      as we call us in Gaming, I am a Noob using Tableau. I have following issue. I have to check feasability of following idea.


      I have a database. This Database contains a lot of macroeconomical key figures as GDP, FDI etc. etc. etc.. of 250 countries. Each country gets a score within its own year and key figure with following formula.


      e.g. GDP of one country / GDP MAX *0,1


      So I have an easier way to compare countries to each other. Now I want to combine the scores of different Key Figures lets take FDI and GDP in to one Score which is given by the sum of their scores.


      Afterwards I have the possibility to weight them with parameters within a Tableau dashboard. Lets say 60 % of GDP Score and 20% of FDI and 20 % of Exports.



      My database has following structure:


      Country, Indicator, Value, Year, Kind of Indicator


      Kind of Indicator gives information about if the indicator is a percentage as GDP Growth or basic value as GDP in € or $.


      I summarize the questions now:


      - Is there any possibility to create a calculated field which calculates the score of each country for each Year and indicator?

      - Is there any possibility to combine afterwards more than 2 Scores with each other into one?

      - Is there any possibility to create parameter in a Dashboard which multiplies the weights I want with the Scores calculated?


      I hope I can find help here. I don't want any solution I just have to check if it is feasible.


      Greetings from Germany