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    How can the subscriber receive the saved Dashboard view (not the default) as a CSV report?


      I would like to know how can a subscriber who has made some changes to the dashboard view on the server receive that saved view as a csv report.


      I do understand that the user has to subscribe to it first and that we can use tabcmd to export it but I am not sure how can they get the specific view?


      Can someone please help me with this?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Glen Robinson


          I think that there are 2 options for this, but neither quite give you what you are after.

          Basically, your end users are unable to subscribe to a view and receive an email with the data as a CSV.

          However, you can give your end user the ability to click on a button to download dashboard data as CSV

          The Greatest Tableau Tip EVER: Exporting CSV made simple!


          Or you can use the tabcmd export comand to download data as CSV

          Exporting a CSV of Underlying Data Using Tabcmd Export or Get | Tableau Software

          Add this into a script, which then emails to your end user, and schedule using Task Scheduler.


          Hope this helps


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            Hey Glen,

            So this is what my issue is.

            I am trying to export a saved(Custom) view using tabcmd export/get command. But whenever I try to do this I am getting either the default view that I used to publish to the server or a blank csv file.


            I have replicated the dashboard using superstore datasource. The usecase here is when the user selects only Parameter1 , the Parameter2 and Parameter3 should be blank and also should not show up in the view. Similarly, If Parameter1 and parameter2 are selected then Parameter3 column should be blank and should not show up in the view. Based on this I have 4 sheets. Worksheet1: Only Parameter1 is selected, Worksheet2: Parameter1 and Parameter2 is selected, Worksheet3: Parameter1 and Parameter3 is selected, Worksheet4: All the 3 parameters are selected.


            I have used sheet swapping to achieve this, also please do let me know if there is any better way to achieve this. And is this the reason for my case here?


            Tableau Server Part:


            Now when I am exporting the view as csv only the data with all 3 parameters is exported. When I try to export the view for Worksheets where Only 1 parameter is selected or when 2 parameters are selected I get a blank csv file.


            So the 1st worksheet which has been pulled into the dashboard is giving me the data in csv and blank file for the others.


            Could this be due to the containers or how the worksheets were placed in the tableau dashboard?


            I am working on a multi site environment.


            Also, on the tableau server I am seeing an asterisk symbol above the original view, is this due to multiple worksheets on the dashboard? I have attached an image of the same.


            I have attached the workbook in the main body above.