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    Tableau / windows performance optimization

    Jeff Strauss

      I know that the basis for Tableau performance monitoring is a combination of looking at "stats for load times" and windows performance counters (via Tabmon or Perfmon).



      This is all well and fine.  Now I'm trying to understand when there are big swings in rendering times, what's going on and is there a way to prevent.  And how to best monitor.  On average, this view takes 8 seconds, and in fact most of the time when I run it without accessing cache (?:refresh=yes), then it renders in about 8 seconds.  But then during server load, it renders in 17 seconds.  CPU does go up, but doesn't come close to saturation.  And we're fine on network, memory, disk, speed.



      I am thinking that this has to do with saturation of process threads / handles such as concurrent threads per vizql or dataengine.  I saw for dataengine, there is a KB for increasing the # of dataengines.  I wonder if this has to do with concurrent thread counts or something else...



      Tableau experts, any thoughts please ?  This can only help the community longer term by having such details or at least eliminate the possibility of questioning x.


      Russell Christopher  Neelesh Kamkolkar  Tamas Foldi