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    YoY Graphs

    Nicola Ross

      Hi All,


      I've just started using Tableau and I'm trying to create a YoY graph showing weekly YTD sales for 2017 on top of YTD sales for 2016. I've read some of the forums but I still seem to be getting the 2 line graphs side by side instead of on top of each other. I'd be very grateful to anyone who could help me figure this out!


      Tableau workbook with current workings attached.


      Many Thanks,


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          Norbert Maijoor

          HI Nicola,

          Find my approach as reference below




          Make sure that date is avaiable on yeaar and week level in the columns shelf



          Now you are able to select the Quick Table Calculation > "Year over Year Growth





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            Brian Connelly

            Hello Nicola,

            If you want to see the Weekly YTD stacked over each other, just change the columns to WEEK(Week) and add YEAR(Week) to the color. I have added your workbook back and hope I understood your ask.  If this is what you were seeking, please be sure to mark this response as the correct answer.

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