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    Table Calculation Behavior on Live Connection vs Extract




      I am unsure if I am doing anything incorrect or if this is normal behavior for Tableau?


      We are using Tableau 9.3


      • The column "% Variance" is a table calculation (percent different)
        • From the data below
          • "2015_16 Actual" has data, but it sums to zero
          • "2016_17 Actual" does NOT have any data (which is why the "Amount" field is blank


      • When my data is connecting directly to our database table the "% Variance" field is blank (which is what I was expecting)
      • But once I change the data connection to an extract
        • The "% Variance" column calculates to "-100%" for the first line
        • But the second line is still blank


      • Would anyone know why this is happening?
        • Data only exists in "2015_16 Actual" and data does not exist in "2016_17 Actual"
        • Why is it calculating "-100%" for only the first line and not the second?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!