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    Sybase IQ Failover for DataSources

    Robert Packwood



      We're looking to setup failover for our Sybase IQ server. Our users have created several datasources that it would be impractical for them to update each datasource with the new database details.


      We've setup a VIP in front of both databases in an Active/Passive configuration, however when we update the VIP to point to the backup database Tableau fails to connect with the error message "Database not found".


      We believe this is because the backup IQ database has a different name. We've tried to convert the connection to an ODBC connection so that we can specify "verifyServerName=No"(SyBooks Online ), this allows us to connect successfully however as the ODBC driver does not support the full functionality our workbooks are unable to operate.


      Does anybody know a way of specifying verifyServerName for the built in IQ driver, or an alternative way of achieving transparent failover of the DataSources for an IQ database?


      Many thanks