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    Adding a brand new column for Shapes

    Talha Valam

      Hi guys,


      I'm fairly new at the creative side of Tableau so I'm still learning the ropes here. I tried looking through the forums for this issue but couldn't find anything for my purposes so I'm imagining that this is something super easy that I'm simply overlooking.


      Essentially I have a data table In Tableau that looks like the one below. One value column for Sales and one for the Budget. I want to add another column to indicate using colored arrows whether or not the sales are above or below budget. To do this, I created a calculated field but when I add that field to the Shapes/Colours Marks it doesn't create a new column. Instead it adds the shape right beside the current measures in the table.


      Any way for me to add the shape KPI in a completely new column?


      Appreciate the help everyone!


      Thanks in advance