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    Web Data Connector + Tabcmd Refresh

    Tarun Awasthi

      I have a WDC working end-to-end. It does a simple GET, I have a dashboard on it, published to the server, whitelisted the url and everything is great.


      Now my use case is this -

      1 - A process replaces date in html file. A simple sed.

      2 - tabcmd refreshes the extract

      3 - tabcmd exports a pdf


      Problem - The problem is on step 2 and possibly on step 3.

      Details - Datasource is really really refreshed just once. All the other times it ends early without any fail notification on the top right. [Usual run time to refresh is 30 seconds and this 2nd time onward it finishes in 6 seconds]. Moreover even if I manage to refresh the data second time and on, the workbook exports me old data.


      Now I suspect this is somewhere a caching issue because if I wait or run the same process after reset, It works like a charm.


      Anyone knows whats going on here? Any workaround to achieve that use case. May be a trick to empty cache without restarting. Or forcing the Server to do a new fetch each time (I'm not a huge js dev guy but If its out there I'd give it a try). Desktop has that option 'refresh from source', any way to trigger that viz tabcmd.


      Other info about environment - Tableau 10.0 server, wdc 2.0.9, no es6 promise, server set to refresh often.


      Thanks in advance!