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    IBCS standards in classroom

    Klaus Freyburger

      Hi all,

      being pretty new to tableau I would like to use it in classroom doing some examples following IBCS standards.

      I found some nice examples on this page http://www.backup-page.hichert.com/en/certifications/software/tableau.html

      These examples are based on Tableau 8.2 and are quite complicated to build. E.g. Template 12 needs more than 40 sheets.


      My question: Is this still the best way to do or can things be achieved easier in Tableau 10?

      Is somebody doing things like this in classroom?


      Thanks for your answers.


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          Hey Klaus,


          Based on the research I've done, this is still the most up-to-date info. As such, I would try to follow the instructions and when you come to individual questions, ask for help. There may be individual pieces which are easier in Tableau 10+.



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            Björn Grahlher

            Hi Klaus and Diego,



            I'm also very much interested in what can be achieved in Tableau regarding IBCS and how complicated it is to create IBCS(-like) tables and visualizations.


            Unfortunately the examples coming from the Tableau 8.2 IBCS certification are not online anymore. Do you happen to know whether there are any recent resources or how to obtain the above-mentioned examples?


            Thanks for any input,