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    Sum calculation from 2  different sources blended

    Mubasher Shah

      I have tableau desktop version 10.0


      I am fairly new to tableau and trying to learn as I go along.


      I have 2 data sources blended and I currently have a barchart showing 2 measures from the same source which is easy but I want to bring in a measure (referral minutes- a calculated field) from the second source (Referrals) to stack on top of the 'Demand' bar which I cannot seem to do nor does it give me a correct sum when I try to add the 2 measures (demand + referral minutes). Can I please have some help in solving this issue and how its done as I need to do similar with a few other measures I will be bringing in. I have attached a packaged workbook and a screenshot of what I want.


      I have highlighted the 2 tabs in red where the chart is created and the referrals tab which is showing the correct numbers when selecting a service from the dashboard.


      Thank you in advance if I can receive help.