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    Actual Versus Quota (Versus Previous Year)

    Jason Law

      Hey Guys,


      I need to create a view that shows current quarter versus quota versus previous year quarter. This public workbook is what I want to create (Salespeople's Performance Against Quota), but with my data. When I tried recreating the view, I cannot get the previous month bar to overlay and change the quota to a sideways line.  Does anyone have any insight on how I might adjust my recreation of this view to make it look the same? I attached the workbook with both of these views. Thanks!


      This is the view I would like to recreate.

      Public View.PNG


      My attempt at recreating the above view. How do I recreate the above view?

      Attempt at recreating view.PNG



      This is where I found the view.


      Track sales performance against quota | Tableau Software