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    Detail customization when clicking points in a Map

    Gilberto Cervantes

      Hello everyone,


      I hope you can help me out with this one.  I am using Tableau 10.2.  I have gotten my current map close to where I would like it.  There is one thing that I have not figured out yet though. 



      Whenever one sets a parameter as a tooltip and there is more than one for a particular point, instead of showing all of them, an asterisk (*) comes up. 


      In my particular case, I have delivery points ploted, all of which contribute for revenue. 

      I would like to quickly visualize which "sites" contribute to any point I click on.  Better yet, I would LOVE to have a way to see what % each site contributes to!


      So, the ideal info box would look something like:

      Country: Norway
      Zip Code: 04730Delivery City: Vatnestrom

      Sites: A (30%); B (40%); C (30%)

      Avg Lead Time: 24.3

      % of Total Revenue... : 4.6%


      Attached is my workbook.  Thanks!



      P.S. I know this can be done in other sheets, but I also wonder if there is a way to further click on a point and quickly analyze individual site parameters

      example: the detail only shows me "overall average lead time", could I maybe see individual site average lead time?  THANKS!!