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    Tooltip Formatting

    Jeremy Bartz

      Is there a way to keep a value in a tooltip from not bleeding over into another section of the tooltip?

      Envision my tooltip being a 3 x 3 grid where I have the following layout


      Month     Dollars     Margin

      JAN          $xxx.xx     25.3%

      FEB          $xxxxx.xx     26.2%


      Is there a way that I can get the dollars always lined up under dollars and the same with Margin?  I have 3 tabs between the values and depending on the value for dollars is where margin ends up.  Sometimes it is lined up but most of the time it isn't.


      This is where I wish tooltips could have a table format where the value will always stay in its "silo"


      Also on a side note.  How come I can have tooltips on Tableau Desktop look good but once I publish it to server it gets all jacked.

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Jeremy

          Use of the tab key is the only way I know to 'attempt' to line things up.  I've tried with an example and haven't been able to replicate your issue.  The one thing I do, is not to get hung up on how it looks in the tooltip dialog window - just simply be consistent with the no. of tabs between your columns


          eg tooltip dialog (columns don't appear aligned)

          looks like on screen

          In the above I have 2 tabs between state & sales and 1 tab between sales & profit


          I agree that it would be great if this editor window had some more 'basic' html features such as a table format - might be worth logging an idea.


          re side note - I too have seen instances where the tooltips go awry when published on server.  I first noticed this when we moved from v9 to v10.  I haven't seen it for a while now though...



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            Jeremy Bartz

            Thanks for the feedback Donna.  I knew that I can't go by how the tooltip window looks for how they show up on the report.  I do use tabs to make my "fake table"


            Most of the time the toolips act as they are suppose to.  But say your sales is 10M and the next line is 16,729.  The profit for the first line won't line up.  Because the bigger number invades the tab portion of the Profit.