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    Calculating a Row Number that restarts at a specific level WITHOUT table calculation

    James Martin

      Hi everyone,


      Thanks in advance for looking at this -


      Challenging issue that I'm not sure has a solution, but usually when I think that someone proves me wrong!  So basically, we are looking for a calculated field that counts a Row Number that restarts every Unique ID.  So basically each Unique Visitor ID has many rows and we want a field that counts 1,2,3,4 and then restarts at the next visitor ID.  See screenshot attached for the intended output.


      A table calc could do it I'm sure, but we need it to be usable as an input into many other things across the workbook so that doesn't work.  Currently it is created within the data source as "rowNum" (shown in screenshot) but the client wants us to try and do this within Tableau because it was a real pain to do it with SQL/data source apparently.


      Is there any way to do this with a calculated field that isn't a table calc?


      Thanks in advance - sorry, I can't provide a workbook as it is sensitive data.