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    How to calculate the score of string values for a given period

    Anuj Vaijapurkar

      Hi there,


      I have attached an excel file containing 3 columns namely ResponseID, Year and PromoType. ResponseID can be ignored completely.


      I want to find out the average score of each Promotype Per Year


      Example: Total records for the year 2015 is 19,999 (including 0 values in PromoTye) out of which PROMO1 are 1,059 so the Score will be   (1059 * 100) / 19999 = 5.3 (rounded off)


      Once I get the score for each PromoType, I want to display only top 5 in the bar chart. Score for "0" PromoType need not be calculated nor to be displayed.


      Your help will be much appreciated.