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    Is possible to have one parameter that runs other parameters?

    Orlando Suarez

      So I searched around for a thread on this and I couldn't find an answer so hopefully I can get your help.


      Here is my situation.


      I have a dashboard with multiple parameter dropdowns tied to the views inside the dashboard. These parameter dropdowns dynamically sort and isolate products by make...they also are changeable by markets. The point is there are as many as 6 different parameters on a dashboard view.


      The problem is that users can only change these parameters one at a time. So for example the user goes to the "Sort by" parameter and makes a selection and then he has to wait for the parameter to locate the data and render it. Then he goes to parameter #2....click, search and render.....parameter #3...click, search and render....etc.


      Is there a way to make one parameter that allows you to make all 6 selections (for the other parameters) at once so you don't have to run them individually? (it is annoying to wait between every single selection on the same report) In essence we want 6 clicks and just one search versus 6 clicks and 6 searches. Sorry I can't attach a workbook as the data is protected and it's too large to recreate.


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          Elliott Stam

          Hey Orlando,


          What you're wanting is dynamic parameters, which a lot of people want. As of right now it's not something we have available to us.


          However, your situation seems to be one that may not require each of those selections to be a parameter. It seems that, based on what a user selects in the first parameter, you already know the values that need to be filtered. If that's the case, then here is an approach I use frequently to make a single parameter selection impact multiple filters.


          1) Create your parameter (let's call it "parameter_selection")

          2) Create a calculated field (we'll call it "dynamic_filter") that uses either case logic or if/then logic to define outcomes based on the value in "parameter_selection". That may look like this...


          CASE [parameter_selection]

               WHEN "hungry" THEN


               WHEN "thirsty" THEN


               WHEN "sleepy" THEN




          For this to work, you would need dimensional fields such as [food_menu], [drink_menu], and [places_to_sleep] existing in your data.


          The way this would work is that if I selected "hungry" as the value for [parameter_selection], then the formula we created above for "dynamic_filter" would output the items within our [food_menu] field.

          Maybe that field has things like "burger", "salad", "falafel", etc. that now populate a quick filter on my dashboard.


          If you select a different parameter option, the quick filter's options will be replaced by the values of another field entirely.


          It isn't a dynamic parameter, but it can achieve many of the things you might want a dynamic parameter to achieve in the sense that it dynamically swaps out the lists of options available to your users.



          Hope that helps!


          Elliott Stam - InterWorks

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            Trần Ngọc Sơn

            I have the same Idea but Tableau can't do in this time. I hope Tableau can give parameter more powerful

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              Orlando Suarez

              Thanks for your quick response Elliott Stam! I will give your secondary option a try to see if I can apply it to our needs. Appreciate the help!