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    Calculation to apply different filters for one dimension based on Date Dimension Rules

    Adam Marinelli

      Hello Gurus!


      This is a follow to an earlier post of mine, which was answered correctly, however, a new request has arisen:


      I've placed two dimensions in the rows: Paid Month and Payment Status, in that order. I've filtered Paid Month to include only January and March. Payment Status contains multiple items including 'Paid to Patient', 'Paid to Facility', and 'Paid to Patient Claims Forwarded WO Confirm'.


      I would like January to filter everything else out and ONLY display the 'PaidtoPatientClaimsForwardedWOConfirm', BUT i want to March to contain all Payment Statuses. ALSO, I would like ONLY "ERAPaymentPosting for ALL MONTHS AND YEARS prior to January to show as well. Any thoughts?