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    Tableau Temp Extract for Tableau Desktop

    Chris C

      I ran into an issue today trying to publish to Server.  The error message said "There is not enough space on the disk."  I ran WinDirStat and found 238 GB worth of files in the Tableau Temp folder.  I understand these temp files are to help increase performance in Tableau views.  However, the bulk of them are extracts with jibberish names that span from today to February 2017.  I am not hosting the Tableau Server on my machine.  That computer is stored in a different city entirely.


      Primary question: Is it safe for me to delete these extracts and TMP files, especially the ones over 2 months old?  The worst case scenario I can think of is the local workbooks on my machine cannot find their extracts.  Realistically they will probably not load as fast as before, but these are all guesses.


      Secondary question: How can I prevent this from consuming disk space in the future?