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    Is geocoding at the address level possible in 10.2?


      My organization will be rolling out 10.2 to developers soon. Simultaneously, we are looking to add geocoding capabilities to the team. Before we research other options too extensively, will address-level geocoding (input: addresses, output: lats and lons) be supported in 10.2? I haven't been able to find a definitive answer. Thank you for any insight you all might have!

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          Justin Larson

          10.2 is out, and address level geocoding is not a feature.


          I didn't want to speak for Tableau's product roadmap, but since no one else is chiming in, it sounds like you simply need a simple answer to a simple question.


          The way the product works right now is that it ships with an internal database where various administrative boundaries are pre-coded. When you bring a dataset into Tableau and tell it it's geo data (or it detects it), it just cross references the text in your data to the geo data in the internal database to project it. It's not really geocoding anything as much as matching up text to geocoded objects.


          With that in mind, I'd be pretty surprised to see address level geocoding introduced (but I'm not speaking for Tableau) because the way most geocoding engine go about it is similar in that every street in the nation (or wherever) is preloaded as a vector, then the text in your data is used to look for the appropriate vector by parsing all the parts of your data down to find the vector amongst them all. Then it does some math on the address level end points of the vector to approximate the placement of the actual point. With all that in mind, it's a pretty big database to do that, and I'd be surprised if they ship the product with that kind of backbone.


          Obviously, many products have this functionality baked into some kind of webservice to do the work in the cloud, but like I said - what Tableau does today and what that entails - they are pretty different.

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            Thank you, Justin Larson. You are correct in assuming that I just wanted a simple answer to a simple question. Based on the most recent roadmap I have seen, Tableau looks like it's taking on advanced statistical functions which is a new area for them, so I thought it might be plausible that they do indeed take on advanced mapping capabilities as well. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation of how the "geocoding" in Tableau actually works.