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    Healthcare data specific Tableau training

    Anne Hirschfeldt

      I am new to Tableau and healthcare data analysis.  Can anyone recommend a live classroom training source for healthcare specific use of Tableau?  I am looking at Health Data Viz offering two day beginner training.

      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Jason Scarlett

          I have never attended a Health Data Viz training session, but suspect they are good because I do have their "Tableau for Healthcare" book and leverage it heavily to do internal training to 300+ Tableau Desktop users (everyone gets a copy).


          I find that user preference falls into three broad training categories: face-to-face (classroom, hands-on, individual hand holding), virtual (webinars, Tableau Dr., email support), self-servers (online videos, forums, books). I have had feedback that our healthcare analysts prefer the content to be healthcare related instead of superstore data. Being in Canada, healthcare and profit/sales isn't even on the table.


          Also, depending on your experience within Healthcare you may benefit from some sort of Healthcare specific analytics training. I come from an Engineering background and it has taken some time for me to understand the terminology and the difference in epistemology of those trained in healthcare.

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Anne,


            I haven't attended a HealthDataViz course either but I have done some work with the team there and they are great people who have a ton of experience helping people who are new to working with healthcare data, and I know they have some openings in their next round of classes. Besides them the only other person I know of doing face-to-face Tableau training explicitly using healthcare-related examples is me, you can read more at http://datablick.com/. At this time I don't do public trainings, though, only for organizations that bring me in.


            I heartily agree w/Jason's comment about learning more about healthcare-specific analytics, terminology, and the nuances of healthcare data. One quick example that I run into again and again is that someone will want to count patients and my question back is "Do you want to count encounters or people or both?" because those can be very different numbers, and the data that we're using to answer that question may be at an even finer grain such as individual diagnosis and we've got to be careful with our aggregations in Tableau.