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    Using fixed LOD doesn't allow me to select more than one item in dimension filter. Returns NULL.

    Rishabh Sharma

      Hi There,


      I am trying to create a calculated field where I am using FIXED level of detail. I am using 'Country' field for fixed level of detail, and using the same 'Country' field in Filters. I am summing up Sales measure of last year (hence using [Year Selection]-1) using this. Below is the calculated field code:


      ATTR({FIXED [Country]: SUM(IF YEAR([Order Date]) = INT([Year Selection])-1 THEN [Sales] END)})


      'Year Selection' is a parameter that just has Years of dates.


      It works fine as long as only 1 Country is selected, but if I select more than 1, then it returns NULL.


      Please note that I've created this field just for reproducing the issue, my actual code is being used in a waterfall chart where I am trying to calculate Gantt Chart Start position using this.


      Attached the Worksheet where I have reproduced this issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated!