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        Corey Turner

        10.2.0 (10200.17.0223.1918)

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          Phil Naranjo

          Okay..that's recent.  I'm going to add my colleague, Amy Forstrom, from our Visualization team, so that she knows about the issue.



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            Phil Naranjo

            Perfect...thanks, Simon. I will contact outside of the forums and make arrangements. 




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              Corey Turner

              Phil Naranjo


              Two questions for you...


              1. Do you know anything about some of the issues with high-res display and fonts not scaling properly? Currently I am using the auto-scale manifest file workaround.

              2. Does this thread include Story Points?

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                Phil Naranjo

                Hi Bodhi!  Thanks for the feedback.  We had fun doing the session.  I'm grateful to my team for taking time from a busy week but I know they were looking forward to it.  Let's look at your feedback:


                • while adding Device layouts, i realized that as of today we cannot
                  • Add a new device layout (which already does not exists in the preset list) - Yes, this is something that we've discussed.  The challenge is that that Device Designer UI and Tableau Server settings are linked via the detection logic use to figure out which layout to serve up.  We we worked on this feature, we envisioned enabling authors to add more that phone, tablet, or desktop.  It may be something that we do in the future, especially to support large screen design.
                  • Add multiple layouts from the same Device category - like multiple phones, multiple desktops, etc - I'm not sure that I understand. A layout encompasses a range of device sizes, so multiple device are already covered by the feature.  We do hear that customers would like to author for portrait and landscape for a give orientation.

                          it would be good to be able to do this - as I would like to support multiple phone sizes, etc.

                • When switching between multiple device layouts, text tables do not resize column widths automatically - this needs to happen for sure, and preferably decrease/ increase in the same proportion that the column widths are set in the Default view - unless someone manually changes the widths in another layout. > Good point.  The ability to control viz properties per device layout and how the scale seems like an important part of our future overall mobile authoring feature plan.  It's a challenging technical problem, my team tells me...but we hear this often.
                • be able to format, size, move, group multiple objects (text boxes, filters, sheets, layout containers, etc) at once - this is much needed since most of the screen design work we do has to be with articulate designing - almost like a photoshop work. Having to pull around objects and trying to match their x-es and y-s and height-s and width-s is not only tedious but extremely error prone.   Yes, this is a great suggestion and I agree that it's long overdue. 




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                  Phil Naranjo

                  BTW, Corey,  we have a team working on improving high DPI scaling support in Tableau.  There are issues with Tableau on Windows when viewing on high DPI displays.  You can see font truncation, squashing.  Is that what you mean?  As for story points, feel free to offer suggestions.  I will loop in one of my colleagues.



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                    Phil Naranjo

                    Thanks for the list of feature, Alex.  I know that various teams (not mine) have aspects of those features in their backlogs.  As for copy/paste, IMO, we need to support this as part of a larger revamping of the dashboard layout system.  It's very basic task efficiency issue.  In addition to copy/paste, I think we also need replace a worksheets because this improves efficiency but also unlock other scenario such as dashboard templates.



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                      Indre White

                      Hello Phil,


                      I have a question regarding Tableau 10.2 version, I do not see dateparse function anymore. I was wondering how I can convert string field to I date field? I have data like this representing only year-month, 201704 and I need this converted to 2017/04/01 as date?


                      thank you so much, greatly appreciated.

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                        Corey Turner



                        Yes that is what I'm talking about on the high DPI stuff... good to know there is a team working on it, do you know of any timelines on that? Sounds like a beta soon, but I didn't see it in 10.3 beta. (I think this is the idea here: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4527)


                        Regrading Story Points, I know you have some people looking at implementing persistent filters for stories. (from : https://community.tableau.com/ideas/3541). I just wanted to reiterate the use case for toggling on/off persistent filters. Ideally it would be cool to set this for each filter in play, not just for the whole story. So depending on the author's intent, he/she could prevent specific filters from impacting other points, or allow them to. Furthermore if filters persisted through the viewing session, it makes sense that url parameters can set the filters accordingly just like how they work with regular dashboards now.


                        Thanks for your help!

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                          Phil Naranjo

                          Thanks, Corey.  Looping in my colleague, Jewel Loree, the Product Manager for Storytelling regarding your feedback.


                          Thanks again!


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                            Tim Ryan

                            Okay, yes, I want to ask a question. (I don't know if its an idea, an internal idea, I just appreciate the  invite and the blank text box.)



                            How do I use the Username() feature to provide user-specific data when the username() field returned is an employee ID and not the name?


                            I can generate a separate table of user names and employee IDs to lookup, but Tableau wants me to merge the tables somehow...



                            I would like an employee to see all of their sales for the sales period without having to see all sales.


                            Let's say I have these two tables. (108 employees)


                            Employee Table

                            EmployeeID002   -  Asha Arungwa

                            EmployeeID051   -  Mary Moore

                            EmployeeID084    - Juan Perez



                            Sales Report

                            Customer Wilson     -      $4000     -    Mary Moore

                            Customer Jones      -      $6000     -    Mary Moore & Juan Perez

                            Customer ABC         -      $7000    -    Asha Arungwa



                            I want Mary to open the detailed table and see this...


                            'My Customer Sales' (Mary Moore)

                            Customer Wilson  - $4000  - Mary Moore

                            Customer Jones   - $6000   - Mary Moore & Juan Perez


                            ...but I can't figure out how to make the filter say "CONTAINS" Mary Moore when her name is being returned as EmployeeID051 by the server.

                            • 71. Re: Ask us anything about dashboarding!
                              Phil Naranjo

                              Hi Indre. It turns out that DATEPARSE() is not available with some of the source using a live connection - this is not a new behavior.  I recommend checking out this forum thread:  Dateparse function missing in 10.2




                              • 72. Re: Ask us anything about dashboarding!

                                Some of my dashboards contain many very similar Actions.  I would love to be able to duplicate Actions & then edit them within the same dashboard or be able to Copy/Paste them into other dashboards rather than creating from scratch each time.

                                Thanks for your consideration,


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                                  Why is it not possible to define sizes of containers as %.


                                  I.e. I have a horizontal container with 3 sheets in it, I wan't each sheet to take up 1/3 of the container. Or one sheet should take ½ and the rest should take 1/4.


                                  This would make it a lot easier to work with the "automatic" sizing of dashboards.

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                                    Kayla Repp

                                    Hi There!


                                    I am having trouble getting my dashboards to look good on server. I typically use range and only select a minimum size for my dashboards. My lay container is set to fit width. These look great on desktop and auto size perfectly on my tablet, laptop, and hd monitor. However, when I publish this to server, the views look totally different. Basically, it is inputting a horizontal scroll bar unnecessarily and expanding the width of my dashboards way too much (beyond the screen size).


                                    Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I just want a dynamic width that adjusts to fit screen size. If it looks good on a tablet in desktop, I am unsure why a horizontal scroll bar would be necessary on my large monitor on server.




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