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        Bodhisattva Dasgupta

        Great initiative Phil !


        Though I will be joining the Dev hours today, I wanted to pen down a couple of things that I faced recently and thought would be a great add to Tableau


        • while adding Device layouts, i realized that as of today we cannot
          • Add a new device layout (which already does not exists in the preset list)
          • Add multiple layouts from the same Device category - like multiple phones, multiple desktops, etc

                  it would be good to be able to do this - as I would like to support multiple phone sizes, etc.

        • When switching between multiple device layouts, text tables do not resize column widths automatically - this needs to happen for sure, and preferably decrease/ increase in the same proportion that the column widths are set in the Default view - unless someone manually changes the widths in another layout.
        • be able to format, size, move, group multiple objects (text boxes, filters, sheets, layout containers, etc) at once - this is much needed since most of the screen design work we do has to be with articulate designing - almost like a photoshop work. Having to pull around objects and trying to match their x-es and y-s and height-s and width-s is not only tedious but extremely error prone


        these are what comes to mind right now - plus a lot of the things already written here are also on my wish-list, but not writing them out again.


        looking forward to the discussion today


        Cheers !


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          Corey Turner

          Another thing I run into when dashboarding (around the lens of "behaving like an application")... I've got a few workbooks that work for multiple types of users... but not all the published views apply to all of those users. It would be great if there were a way to tell server which tabs to show (even though a user might already have permission to view it on server - since the permissions are inherited from the workbook level).


          I've created an idea for this, but it hasn't received much traction


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            Joe Oppelt

            Has there ever been discussion about creating a way to know "current context" in a calc.  For example, if I am a calc, and I am executing in Sheet1, I want to behave a certain way, but if I am executing in Sheet2, I should do something different.  Likewise, if I am executing on Dashboard1 vs Dashboard2.


            Today if I need to do that, usually I can hack up something akin to sheet swapping.  Force one condition to exist on Sheet1 and another to exist on Sheet2.  Usually I can make something happen to that effect.


            It's just a brainstorming idea.  I wouldn't displace something more urgent in favor of this idea if I were prioritizing development efforts.

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              Joe Oppelt

              Tabs-by-user WOULD be nice, Corey.


              Today I work around that by grouping "power users" (for example) in one group, and all others in another.  Then on the special dashboards I pop out a giant sheet that covers the whole thing if the user is not in the power user group.  Sheet says, "You don't have access to this dashboard.  Click here to return to the main dashboard."  And a SELECT action on that sheet that goes back to MAIN.  That's all they can do there.  If user is a power user, the sheet doesn't pop out, and they have access to the dashboard.  Likewise I hide/display any action navigation buttons to those dashboards accordingly.

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                Corey Turner

                Great to hear I'm not the only one doing that sort of stuff...   Seems like there should be an easier way, as I hate to add complexity when workbooks are already slow, and when it makes maintenance tedious.

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                  Vincent Baumel

                  I'm curious what a use case of this would look like. How would you need the "same" calculation to perform contextually differently?

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                    Joseph Brown

                    Hi Phil and team. I have a dashboard that gives our business users some summaries of a big dataset. We have other colleagues who need access to the raw data, which we have placed on an Alteryx Gallery.


                    I have embedded the Alteryx Gallery web page in my dashboard, and can interact with it no problem. The issue I am having is that the Alteryx Gallery generates an Excel file output. When I click this generated Excel file from within the Tableau webpage object on my dash, (i'd want it to open in Excel), I get taken to the Alteryx Gallery with a rather unfriendly error message


                    "{"data":null,"exceptionName":"UnknownException","innerExceptionMessage":"","message":"Unknown error.\u000aStructureMapException\u000aRequestID: 96008c18eeeb419195f3050d1a34fad8"}"


                    Does Tableau allow downloads via embeded webpages and this is Alteryx issue, or does Tableau webpage object not allow downloads by design?


                    Thanks in advance,


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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Off the top of my head, Vincent ...


                      On <this dashboard> use <this parameter> for calculations, and on <that dashboard> use <that parameter> for calculations.

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                        Matthew Risley

                        Don't know if this was said or not, TL;DR all the posts. But literally working on a dashboard right now and thought:


                        - I would really like to make color legends vertical (especially Diverging/Color Scale Legends)




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                          Phil Naranjo

                          Thanks, Vincent Baumel.  Great suggestions!  I'm looking through our backlog to see where I can capture these.  Now, I actually think the zoom feature would get quite a bit of user.  We tried extending the 4,000 pixel limit last summer but had to pull back our changes to due concerns about how rendering would be impacted for customers with older GPUs.  However, imagine that we had made that change.  For large screens or tall vertical scrolling layouts (such as what you might find on a phone), the ability to zoom out would be an especially useful tool.   Yesterday, in a phone call with Jonathan Drummey, he insightfully suggested that a Heads Up Display (HUD) feature for a zoom out could provide useful info about sizing behaviors in dashboards.   Without having to open the dropdown menu, you could, say, see that a worksheet was fixed height while another was fixed width. 





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                            Phil Naranjo

                            That tab suggestion is also a good, Corey.  I don't know of any team thinking about tab permissioning in that way but I recall several large enterprise customers carefully explaining this scenario.  It may become more important as Tableau continues its drive toward web parity.

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                              Phil Naranjo

                              Hi Matt.  Can you offer a specific scenario where you would need?  Is it for mobile or is it just about making good use of space?




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                                Corey Turner

                                Phil Naranjo,


                                One more thing regarding pixel perfection....


                                Tooltips have some funny behavior when the tooltip is larger than the frame it sits in. They tend to flash when moving the mouse. I've only noticed this when the browser window is small or a viz is embedded in a web page. I created a support case regarding this, but figured I'd also mention it here. Attached is a reproduction of two different example, the first using a small browser and the second using Tableau own embedded "Top Ideas" viz in the community.

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                                  Phil Naranjo

                                  Hi Joseph.  We do allow downloading of files from embedded web pages.  However, it's really hard to know what's going on without more details.  I was looking at the error with one our our engineers.  Can we get the workbook from you?




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                                    Phil Naranjo

                                    Thanks, Corey.  That's really weird.  What version of Tableau Server on you using?