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    Year Over Year as a Detail for a Continuous Date (shown as Month)

    Navin Manglani


           I'm trying to get a year-over-year metric by month in my tooltip / details for a continuous line graph in a workbook (I've mocked the scenario up in the attached workbook for reference which uses SuperStore data).  You can hover over a data point to see what I'm trying to do (the part I need help with is tagged).     I do not want to change the time period to discrete in my columns as I want the graph to stay as a line graph.   I don't want to change the visualization to a table or bar, it needs to be a continuous line.   The YOY feature is grayed out from table calculations so that won't work.   I've read through about thirty YOY posts, and none of them really help solve this problem... most of the solutions involve converting the date to discrete (and adding year) to accomplish this or to create a table.     I'm open to creating new calculated fields if this will help solve the problem.  I tried playing around with editing table calculations, but didn't have much luck.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.