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    Dual axis chart with measures using different marks

    Renaud Guilbert

      Hey everyone,


      I've started using Tableau recently and I'm slowly warming up to its functionalities.


      There's a chart I would like to achieve. It has two dimensions (year and week) and two measures (net revenue and % cancelled) on a dual axis.


      The net revenue is a bar chart, where the years are grouped under their respective weeks. This part is fine.


      The % cancelled is a line chart where the years are also grouped under their respective weeks, and this is what I'd like to change.


      Instead of the years being connected within each week, I'd like the years to connect to each other across the chart. This way, instead of having 5 short lines within the rectangle of each week, I'd have 5 lines going across the chart, each with a single point in each rectangle. The data points remain the same as in the attached file, but they're connected across the chart instead of within each week.


      Is this achievable?



      Thanks for your help!



      - Renaud

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          Jim Dehner



          I attached your file



          I'm not certain I understand what you want to do

          Is this close to it?


          the formula is


               avg({ FIXED ([Week]):SUM([Orders Cancelled ($)])/SUM([Orders Placed and Processed Inv ($)])})


          Let me know if this helps





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            Vincent Baumel

            The challenge here is that you're dual axis-ing the y-axis, when you actually need the x-axis to be dual as well. Is there a reason this must be kept all within the same worksheet? Given the difference between the stories you're trying to tell it might work a bit better as a dashboard of two different worksheets. If you're trying to connect 2013 from one column with 2014 in the following column, 2015 in the following, etc. then it will give the impression of years' worth of missing data. You've already got unique axis labeling on all 4 sides of this worksheet; adding more will render the visualization super difficult to understand, perhaps even for someone who knows exactly what data they're looking at.


            This would be quite a bit easier if the date fields were standardized, so that we just have a regular date field instead of 8 different aggregate levels. It would give us the ability to use it discretely or continuously, however we see fit. Is this a possibility with your data set?

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              Renaud Guilbert

              This basically calculates a weighted average of each individual week, that's visually stretched over each year? If so, it's not what I had in mind, but I'll keep it under tabs, it could be useful for future vizualisations.



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                Renaud Guilbert

                I didn't see it that way, since the x-axis is already visually split between weeks and years, but now I can imagine how it'd be difficult for Tableau to interpret.


                No, there is no absolute need for the sheet to be exactly as I described it to be; I however wanted to check if it was a possibility. I will try converting the information in date format and see what I can achieve from there.


                Thanks a lot!