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    Relative date filter Help Please


      Hello All,

      Need help in understanding relative date's behavior in Tableau. It isn't working the way it is supposed to.


      In the attached I'm looking to pull last 12 months of data in the view but am getting only 10 months of data. Is this a known bug?

      I don't want user to enter 14 months for getting last 12 months of data. This will lead end users to get confused.

      Any insight on this part please.


      I know i can provide discrete dates and be crisp and clear but client liked this default relative date interface.


      PS: I see option "Anchor relative to xx-xx-xxxx"  and i can manually set this to a specific month (Latest Mar'17 in current case).

      But when we get Apr'17 data loaded then "Anchor relative" should re-point to Max date.

      Not sure on how we do this.

      So need help on this.