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    Custom Dynamic Reference Line/Banding based on parameters


      Reference line/banding:
      I want to Create a line chart with reference lines that goes back 30 days. For example, if the user selects a Start Date of 6/1/15 and End Date of 8/18/15, then the reference lines should be between 7/18-8/18. The body of the reference line should be shaded to distinguish the band. If the user selects a range that is less than 30 days then we want the reference lines to only cover the dates selected, such as between 8/10 - 8/18. I have created the view which is pretty straightforward, the part I am struggling with is the reference band with the condition mentioned above.


      I have attached 2 images below of how it should look like.


      Can some one please help me with this problem?

      Justin Larson


      Okechukwu Ossai