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    Data Table with >1 row per intersection

    Vincent Baumel

      This is a bit of a 2 part problem. I am trying to show the top 3 items per manufacturer, divided out by year. My first problem is that it is showing the same item and item order within each manufacturer; Ideally I'd like to show the top 3 PER year within that manufacturer. Not really sure how. I've tried replacing my SUM(Sales) with {FIXED [Product Name],YEAR([Order Date]):SUM([Sales])} but it didn't seem to have any effect.


      The second part of my problem is that the worksheet wants to concatenate my results rather than list them. This gets to be a problem when some products have long names and some short. Because the text is just coming in as <Product Name>: <SUM(Sales)> it's putting multiple entries in the same row, which I don't particularly care for. I suppose I could do separate calculations for index()=1, index()=2, and index()=3 so that I could format the text exactly how I want, but if there's a simpler way I'm all ears.



      Thanks for giving it some thought,