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    Connection Error on Tableau Server (ClouderaHive)

    Syed Khadir Ahmed

      Hi All,


      I am badly stuck and need a urgent help.


      I am using Tableau 10.2 and have installed the Hive drivers both on my Server and Desktop machine.


      The next step I have connected to hive server using the PORT 10000 and check the SSL option, using the connection I have created the extract and Published it to the Tableau server.. Till this point things were okay.


      But when I tried to test my credentials on server it gives me the following error.


      Could not connect to server

      [Cloudera][ThriftExtension] (5) Error occurred while contacting server: No more data to read.. This could be because you are trying to establish a non-SSL connection to a SSL-enabled server.


      I dont see any SSL option to enable on server as I had on the desktop .. I assuming that is what causing the issue...


      A quick help is really appreciated.. Thank you so much.


      Yep lastly .. I am using the latest drivers.