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    Stories that work on both desktop and mobile

    Andreas Dyrberg Skog



      I’m a beginner to Tableau and struggling a bit when it comes to making stories that work on both desktop and mobile.

      I have created a workbook with dashboards designed for both desktop and mobile.

      It works fine when I publish a single dashboard – when I access from desktop I get the desktop layout and when I use a mobile device I see the mobile layout.

      But when I publish a story, the desktop version is displayed also when accessing from a mobile device.

      I can’t find any “Add phone layout” option in the story editor so I assumed it sorted it out automatically.


      So, is it possible to create a story that works on both desktop and mobile devices?

      I have tried using the automatic size function, but it did not work out well.


      Can someone help me with this issue? I would really appreciate it.


      Link: https://public.tableau.com/profile/andreas.dyrberg.skog#!/vizhome/Kpcentrumrapport-test-dtmobil-Single-dashboard/Story1